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Canada Day Potluck Dinner & Light Parade

We have been specifically asked by the Village of Harrison Hot Springs to help celebrate Canada's 150th Birthday and we hope you can come out and join the fun. Decorate your boat in the afternoon, then join in the potluck and light parade at night! 

The HYC Light Parade has long been a feature of the Canada Day Celebrations in Harrison. It's an opportunity for our club to give something back to the community. HYC boats lit up and parading are a wonderful sight for both young and old alike.

This year, for the first time, it will be named "The HYC Bill Hopkins Memorial Light Parade" in honour of all the years the recently deceased member, Bill Hopkins, provided generators, organization and good cheer for this festivity.


- A string of 100 LED outdoor lights uses somewhere between 5-8watts. A low cost inverter can easily handle this type of load. These inverters can be purchased from Canadian Tire for example. They don’t have to be permanently installed (hard wired in) but instead be connected to a 12-volt battery with the alligator style clips provided with the inverter. 
- Dig out the Christmas lights, more is definitely better.

We are looking for a great turnout this year, with many members' boats lit up and parading in front of what is expected to be a well-attended community event - please join us!


AFTERNOON: Decorate boats
6 PM: Potluck Dinner
9:30 PM: The HYC Bill Hopkins Memorial Light Parade (prior to the fireworks display by the village.

Don't forget the other activities surrounding this event:
Sleepover & Blueberry Pancake Breakfast

If you need further advice or have questions, contact:
Robert Plumtree, Light Parade Coordinator