Reciprocal Clubs

Most Yacht Clubs or marinas operate on a first come, first serve basis and have a maximum of two visitor slips available. If you are planning on traveling to a place where a reciprocal is allowed, please contact the Reciprocal Yacht Club as early as possible to confirm availability and make your reservations. The following steps are recommended:

  • Visit the reciprocal yacht club web site and phone them to confirm their requirements (insurance, burgee, marine radio, local navigation cautions, i.e., deep draft boats should not attempt entry on a low tide unless familar with the waters at the Squamish Yacht Club), deposits for access card or key, etc.).
  • Familiarize yourself with their Rules and Regulations and abide by them while visiting.
  • Above all, remember that you are acting as an HYC Ambassador while enjoying the privilege of their hospitality. Reciprocal Yacht Clubs information listed below. Note: letters sent March 2017, and only those with asterisks replied. However, nearly all on the list have been long-standing reciprocal clubs and don't usually take the time to reply. Phone ahead to be sure. 

Nanaimo Yacht Club
Nanaimo, BC

Penticton Yacht Club
Penticton, BC*

Point Robers Marina Club
Washington State, USA

Richmond Yacht Club
Richmond, BC*

Royal City Yacht Club
New West Minster, BC

Summerland Yacht Club
Summerland, BC

Squamish Yacht Club
Squamish, BC*

Vernon Yacht Club
Vernon, BC