Become a Member

Benefits of Membership in the Harrison Yacht Club (HYC):

  • moorage slip next to the Village of Harrison Hot Springs

  • great friendships and networking opportunities

  • social events year-round, including cruises, sail boat races, poker run, lobster dinners, etc

  • boating education and volunteer activities

  • reciprocal privileges at affiliated yacht clubs

  • access to the ocean by navigating down the Harrison and Fraser rivers

  • enjoyment of the HYC out-station at Long Island Bay

  • opportunity to host private events at the club

Steps to becoming a HYC Member

Visit the HYC Member Responsibility page and determine if HYC is for you. If so, you must do the following:

  1. Obtain sponsorship from two HYC members who will approach the HYC Bridge.

  2. If the Bridge agrees that the members may continue with this sponsorship, they shall obtain and provide to you an HYC Membership Application Form.

  3. The sponsor(s) shall ensure you are fully aware of all HYC member responsibilities.

  4. The sponsor(s) will provide the completed forms, dues and fees to the Vice Commodore.

  5. The Vice Commodore will arrange for a meeting with you and the Commodore.

  6. If the Commodore and Vice Commodore proceed with the application, then the sponsor shall present you at the next Bridge Meeting. Note: You must own a vessel to become a member but you do not have to obtain moorage.

For further detail, Section 1.04 in the HYC Constitution.


  • One-time Initiation Fee (non-refundable): $1,000

  • Annual Social Dues: $200

  • Annual Moorage Fees, if applicable

For more information on membership, email us.